Bully bakugou x suicidal reader

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Bakugou is going through complicated feelings for his victim, Midoriya Izuku. One staying in the dark and the other one taking the spotlight. Can their feelings survive their rocky past and new problems that surface? PS: So, this is the bakudeku story I was talking about. I had this idea in mind for some thime, and I finally figured out the best way to write it.

From then, it will still be relevant, but other things will also take place. I update every few days, so you won't need to wait to much for the next chapter. When a video is posted of Izuku from his middle school days being tormented by a group of bullies, how will his new classmates and teachers respond? Will they shun him for being quirkless like everyone had when he was younger, or will they accept him for who he is? This is a piece I wrote about bullying for the first day of Whumptober, and here I am on the 11th posting it, but I wanted to get it right, and I am really happy with how it turned out, so here it is!

A new school, new friends, and a brand-new quirk. Izuku is just trying to navigate his way to become the greatest hero out there. The two become close very quickly not just because they are drawn to each other but because of the trials life throws at them and their new group of friends.

Left is right, right is wrong and wrong is an illusion. This is the story of how I became a Hero the hard way. Katsuki's life through a journal from his last year of middle school to his first year of highschool. Katsuki slowly begins to discover things about himself from an assignment that requires him to write in a journal for a school year.

There's a vigilante on the streets of Musutafu, and, technically, Shouta is supposed to be catching them. But that changes when he finds Midoriya as the vigilante Lacuna bleeding from a stab wound. At school, Midoriya Izuku is ignored at best. At home, he's raised by a single mother who seems to be always taking night shifts, and who he communicates with almost exclusively through notes on lunch boxes and texts lying about his location.

As such, Midoriya Izuku turns to the internet— or more specifically, an All Might fan server on discord— for companionship. Like most things in his life, it goes wrong eventually. It just takes longer than usual. If 10 years ago someone had told Bakugou that those were the last words he'd ever say to Izuku he wouldn't have cared otherwise.

The damn nerd needed to get his head out of the clouds and to stop chasing a useless pipe dream. His pride had taken a blow and his ego was severely bruised he didn't need that piece a shit nerd trying to save him.

If 10 years ago he had known that he'd regret his words and his actions to the one boy who was never actually looking down on him Well he wouldn't have believed them. They say time heals all wounds but for some it just lets them fester and rot. In 10 years he sees them again for the first time but they're broken and dull despite the smile. He wants to fix it but doesn't know how.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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At first he didn't think anything of it. The next day Uraraka had pointed it out. Then Kirishima. Bakugou was getting worried. I am in no way encouraging anyone to stop eating, or anything of that matter which is included in this fiction. If you already partake in the self-damaging actions that the reader does in this fiction, I encourage you to get help.

You sat in the cafeteria with your friends, laughing with them as they ate their food. Uraraka noticed that you didn't eat anything, you didn't even bother getting food.

BNHA Imagines/One Shots ♥ — “why me?” -Katsuki Bakugou imagine

Where's your lunch? I still have some rice! She was so kind. That was the second day. There was a dull ache in your stomach as you went about your day, but you ignored it. Covering your hunger with a smile, you changed the topic.

When school ended, you went to your dorm room, opening your books and starting your homework. An hour later, you were snapped out of your homework trance by a loud grumbling noise in your stomach. You groaned, looking down at your body and mentally scolding your intestines for wanting food, "You'll get food when you stop being so fat. You tried to concentrate on your work, but you gave up after finishing your English work. Who cares what a complex clause is?

You were about to go downstairs, but remembered that now was about the time Bakugou would be making dinner. You sighed as you laid on your bed, wishing you could taste whatever dish he made today. It was always good. But you couldn't, heroes need self discipline right? This counts, doesn't it? You smiled at him, not in the mood to speak.It required hard work, intense training, and confidence in yourself that you could achieve greatness.

As each day went by, it became more difficult for you to maintain that last aspect. Within a few months of attending U. A few second years, a guy and two girls, would often make snarky comments every time you passed by them in the halls.

You presumed them to be the various other students who were quite jealous of the students of class 1A with their fame of going against The League of Villains numerous times despite not even being pro heroes yet.

Later on, the comments… no, the bullying increased. The second years would follow you around. Ranging from following you around as you walk home to giving you glares during lunch.

One incident occurred while you were walking home and they followed you again. They snuck up from behind you and one of the guys kicked you down to the ground. Your book bag was tossed into the road, cars driving over it. One of the girls flipped you over, squatting down and gave you a solid punch to the face.

He had gone to your house to hang out with you when he ran into your mom leaving for work. She was delighted to finally meet him and let him wait inside until you arrived. Bakugou was although he would never admit to it aloud genuinely worried about you. During lunch, he noticed your frantic eyes searching your surroundings as if you were being watched.

You never showed them to anyone but Bakugou saw it all and with hero training being even more intense by the day, he never got the time to confront you about your problems. Once you finally got home, you locked the door tightly, dropping your things to the floor and breathed out a large sigh. You felt your body tremble as you started sobbing.

He turned your body around so that you were facing him, pulling your hands away from your face. You could feel his body tense up as his hands shook from anger at the sight of your injuries.

No one from class 1A could ever be this cruel. No, it was just a few second years. You wanted to go after him, not wanting to make him deal with your problems due to you being weak, but you stood there frozen in fear. Bakugou stomped his way through your neighborhood.

He knew those shitty second years had to be nearby since your house is quite far away on foot from U. Trusting his instincts, he took the route back to U. She was the one who punched you, specifically because she had been eyeing Bakugou since the sludge villain incident.

The guy who kicked you down also noticed his presence and sent a smile his way. There were two girls part of this group of shitheads and Bakugou used the nitroglycerin in his palms and sent two rather large and aggressive blasts towards the two girls. You had been waiting nervously in your living room, twiddling with your thumbs to ease your anxiousness. In his arms were numerous plastic bags filled with your favorite snacks and movies.

He had no intention of leaving you alone tonight. Bakugou huffed in annoyance at this new piece of information and decided to improvise.

He wiped all of the dry blood on your forehead, fighting off your protests. You had to refrain from cracking up at his alternative version of a bandage which was a wad of cotton balls taped to your forehead above the wound. He handed a plastic bag filed with ice cubes to you and ordered you to hold it your eye.You have a prophecy quirk that lets you know when something someone has said will come true or not. You have never been wrong your entire life.

One day Uraraka says something about you and Bakugou your sworn enemy getting married and you hear a very similar ringing noise go off in your head. Originally posted by aishitetsuro. From the moment you and Bakugou met, it started downhill and now it was just Hell breaking loose every time you guys got near each other. You walked up to him, calmly tapped him on the shoulder and you swear you heard him start growling. Especially not by people who just appeared to be fancy bullies.

And that was the beginning of your relationship. You and your classmates were shuffling around in the cafeteria for breakfast before class started. It kept you up all night, knowing it was going to come true. Your quirk had a lot of perks, but it also forced you to carry burdens such as these.

Or do you get an extra boner when you make people miserable. Just leave me the fuck alone already. You now noticed everyone in the cafeteria was staring at you, mouths agape, Bakugou included.

Except his mouth was open because he looked like he was about to start screaming. People like you never amount to anything anyway! It was like this on repeat everyday. Your burning resentment smouldered into a comfortable hatred and you were used to his biting remarks and spiteful insults.

You felt bad because at this point you knew, Bakugou only had one dream, to be the best. And you basically told him that his one dream would never come true. One day you were listening to the news again and heard something even more tragic.

It bummed you out and caused your anxiety to act up so you decided to take a break from people that day, especially Bakugou. Trying to avoid his toxic aura at all costs. When it was time to get back to class, two girls stumbled in from 1-A, Uraraka and Asui.Want to hear about our next event.

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