Cheap swr meter

QRZ Forums. It need to be able to handle watts on HF. Price is a major factor. Any thoughts? Look for a used meter, not a new one, and try to find a reasonable bargain. A precision instrument it aint, but we all had one like this years ago, and they worked fine up through 2 meters. K0RGROct 9, Somewhere, I have one, but it's an old cheap one. IMHO, for most purposes, you don't need a good one.

There are very few situations where it makes any difference if your SWR is 1. In most cases, the cheapest available SWR bridge will give you an idea of whether what you just did to your antenna made the SWR lower or higher. My feeling is just to get it as low as possible, and then call it a day. The cheap SWR meter or even the one built in to most modern rigs is more than adequate for that purpose.

It's probably not a good idea to leave the el cheapo SWR meter permanently hooked up, since cheap things are probably prone to generate RFI. W0ISOct 9, AG3YOct 10, Last edited: Oct 10, K9ZMDOct 10, Show Ignored Content. Share This Page. Your name or email address: Password: Forgot your password? Register for a free QRZ account.You would be surprised at the speed it reads SWR and antenna impedance and how quickly it allows you to tune your antenna. It comes with cross needle that paves the way for a much simpler and convenient operation.

cheap swr meter

Surecom is a relatively lesser known brand but this SWR meter from Surecom is the absolute best you can buy in its price range. The accuracy is spot on, comes with a digital display and is very durable thanks to being made of metal instead of cheap plastic. Some users mentioned that they have tested this meter with many of their HAM radios and antennas and other devices and every single time they turned out to be impressively accurate.

It tunes even the most advanced of dual band antennas perfectly well. The insertion loss is usually less than 0. Finally, the Signstek Professional is built like a tank and is sure to last you a very long time. The requirements for using an SWR meter for a HAM radio tend to be very different, especially in order to tune the antenna properly.

Many meters are just not designed for the frequency range and bands a HAM radio needs for proper tuning. All the meters we reviewed above work great for HF. Table of Contents. Related Posts.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media Search media. Classifieds New listings. Log in. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Thread starter Dahwg Start date Mar 21, Status Not open for further replies. Dahwg Member. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, but I figured the antenna section seems to be the most appropriate based on the descriptions of the others.

swr power meter

If not, moderators, please move to the appropriate section. I want to start building my own antennas and troubleshooting equipment as well. Also, multimeters, I'm looking at the Fluke description here: Fluke Palm-sized Digital Multimeter for Professional Measurementsseems to be of good quality, moderate price, has everything I think I need for Ham stuff, and well it's a Fluke!

Any help would be appreciated. Bird 43 with appropriate slugs. A new one is expensive, but you can find them cheap on the used market.

Nice thing about them is that there really isn't a lot that can go wrong with them. Dirt simple and built like a tank. Easy to buy replacement parts. There's really only the line section, the connectors, the meter, a cable that connects the two, the case, the carry strap and hardware.

Doesn't get much simpler. Good way up past legal limits for amateurs and you can get slugs to cover just about any frequency you are likely to use.

Cheap SWR/Wattmeter for 630m

With the right slugs, they are pretty accurate.QRZ Forums. I needed something to monitor my output and make sure the antenna was happy. I really like the dual-needle meters, you can instantly see if there is a problem with your SWR.

I bought it. I was thinking I might need to try and add some turns to the toroidal sense inductor, which might be tricky.

I knew how much power the transverter should be putting out. When I hit the switch, I was pleased to see that the meter indicated just about half as much power as I was actually producing.

On his website, he has a nifty calculator that will take your peak-to-peak RF voltage into a 50 ohm load, and tell you the power in watts. Had the signal generator set to KHz, the usual frequency out of my transceiver, and connected to the transceiver connection on the transverter. Need the signal generator to provide a continuously variable input signal. Adjust the signal generator output to give the desired P-P RF voltage, measured with the scope probe right on the transverter output.

Adjust the forward low power first, R6 then reverse the coax connectors on the MFJ to adjust the reflected level R3. Repeat at a higher power setting, forward, R5 swap the cables, and reflected R4. And there you have it. Is it perfectly calibrated? I doubt it. Rob N0GMT. N0GMTMar 13, W8NSI likes this. There's some military surplus lines at work down to KC similar to the birds but they're bigger in size, you can sometimes find at a hamfest pretty cheap.

K0UOApr 1, N0GMTApr 3, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page. Your name or email address: Password: Forgot your password? Register for a free QRZ account.On the HamRadioHelpGroup mailing lista ham asked:. What you do is connect up the meter as usual, key the rig with the switch in the forward power position, set the adjustment for full scale.

The reading you see on the meter will be very close to your real SWR. The closer to your SWR is, the more accurate it will be. Well, Mark, you might not get the credit for thinking this up, but you certainly get the credit for passing it on. Very clever.

Any SWR Meter Recommendations?

Thanks for passing that on. Can I replace the diodes in that meter with these diodes? A basic SWR bridge is comprised of two couplers, each of which consist of a stripline or a pickup loop, and a detector diode.

One coupler is used to detect forward power, the other reflected. But at 2M suddenly minor differences between the striplines, stray capacitance, and type of diode starts to matter. By using just one of the couplers for both the forward and reverse readings any error that exists in that coupler is the same for both readings and thus cancels out. Never tried it with SSB though. I have two of these and both read the same, so it is probably not just a coincidence. One quick question.

When setting the hf swr meter up in the forward power position is the swr meter connected to the antenna of unknown swr or to a 50 ohm dummy load as usual? Thanks Thomas.

Thank you very much for this information. They might, if the ham bands were so crowded that there were no open frequencies. There are plenty of open frequencies where this kind of testing can be safely carried out without interfering with anyone. If you use it in the manner described, yes, it will be accurate.

Are you going to be transmitting on this band? In my case yes, I recently bought a plane and discovered that it has a wingtip antenna built in. It integrates the balun into its design. It seems to have decent range but the reception is not always as clear as expected and occasionally I also have to repeat. Sounds like some testing is in order then.

Update: I measured the wingtip antenna and got about 1. That was kind of shocking so I measured the whip dipole and got 2. This is consistent with new antennas, so I guess I got an accurate measurement. If signal loss is within specs, does that disqualify the antenna, coax, and connectors as possible problems? Lossy coax will actually make the SWR reading look better than it should. Think about it.

If the feedline is lossy, the meter will measure less reflected power. It has a power meter, a SWR meter, and a tuning knob that goes from 0 to I have no idea how to use it! I was unable to find any information online as to how to properly use it. Are you familliar with this meter?? I have a very similar meter, the Quement SWB Basically, to measure the SWR, you adjust the pot so that the power meter reads full scale.Your JavaScript appears to be disabled.

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Please upgrade your browser from current version. Learn more about TLS. These SWR power meters will be right Order this product and get free delivery and handling on your entire order! Offer excludes truck freight fees. Valid on orders shipped in the contiguous United States.

cheap swr meter

Featuring a large 3. Their co These SWR power meters will b If you simply will not settle They feature a large 3. These meters They have three high-resolution r These MFJ cross-n Would you like commercial-grade quality and RF power measuring capability on a budget?

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cheap swr meter

Items in Cart 0. Search Within Results. Results 1 - 24 of 34 1 2. Items per page 12 24 48 Free Shipping Order this product and get free delivery and handling on your entire order! Not Yet Reviewed Loading Sorry, you can only filter 10 selections at a time. Cancel Clear All Selections.Prod 65 Warning required. For the price, it is a great meter. Doesn't include the coax jumper, but no other SWR meters include a coax jumper. Looks good, haven't used it yet.

Cheapest 5.8g VSWR Meter (for FPV antenna)

When I ordered it I didn't think about the cables not being with it. Had to order cables. This is a quality product and I would recommend it to anyone needing a SWR meter. The only set back is it does not come with the coaxial cable jumper male end. The swr has two female connection end. Now I have to spend more time ad money just to calibrate the signals. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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