Underrail psi monk build 2019

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Underrail Thread

Global Achievements. Teut View Profile View Posts. Hello, just bought the game and want to go in as 'blind' as possible. I just want to know: Are there abilities you definetly should take and others that are a waste like swimming in DX? Should I specialize or spread points out? Showing 1 - 6 of 6 comments. For any build you'll want to have a good idea of what you're going for.

For your first playthrough you're going to want to stick to one weapon and a side utility. For example firearm pistols and grenades. You'll want to pick feats that benefit your weapon choice and build. For example if you're using firearms you might want to get the Gun Nut feat that increases the damage of firearrms. You can also look up feats in the Character build menu and see how many skill and stat points they require.

Also be sure to read the conditions of each feat carefully. Feats such as Gunslinger won't work with all pistols, just firearm pistols.

Base stats affect weapon accuracy, damage, action point AP use, health points HPcrafting, and skill point bonuses. Read over each stat to see how they will affect your build.

For example Dexterity will decrease how much AP is required to use a light weapon pistols, fists, throwing knives and etcincrease your skill point investment on lockpicking, thowing, and traps, and also increase damage and accuracy if you're using the melee skill.

Skill point distribution should mainly go to your weapon skill Melee, Guns, or Crossbow which will increase your accuracy and damage.

Underrail Time Monk Build vs Arena on Hard

Then upgrade your crafting, hacking and lockpicking skill. Finally put some points into your side skill traps or throwing You can use this site to plan out a build if you want. Qiox View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Teut :. Last edited by Qiox ; 22 Nov, pm. Bierserker View Profile View Posts. Honestly, for the first playthough I'd recommend that you just look up a cookie cutter AR, SMG, Psi or sledgehammer build and run with it. The skill system is rather complicated and getting everything just right is pretty much impossible without experience or a lot of research.

Thanks guys! For first time run with anything you want - high chances you will want torestart anyway, when you got understanding of mechanics and what you want to play with. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 22 Nov, pm. Posts: 6. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Underrail Store Page. Global Achievements. Apart from expose weakness and HE grenades, what can I do to fight them?

I have no stealth for this build, lmfao. This is just on facility below the mutant island in expedition. This is by no means my first playthrough, but I realized that punching armed men in steel armor is easier than punching crabs. Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. It is universal tactic for most organic targets. Qiox View Profile View Posts.

Originally posted by A :. Originally posted by cypherusuh :. Molotov and force wall could give you a breathing room to kill next psi crab. Idk with electric knife, since I did full psi on exploration, but it basically resist all but TK combo. That's why I said acid pistol might helps, since there's no acid psi. Melee ranged pistol should somehow hit. If not, Gass the crabbe. Last edited by cypherusuh ; 15 Nov, am.

Interesting that nobody has asked if your psi-monk picked up any Thought Control. If you didn't, well, not much to add, but if you did, you've got at a bare minimum three hard counters to a psi crab. And since nobody has specifically said it yet: Black Dragon poison.

underrail psi monk build 2019

Why not use the thing specifically designed to help kill psionic things? Originally posted by dergefata :. Last edited by Qiox ; 15 Nov, pm. Voroff View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Voroff ; 15 Nov, pm. Rathound regalia 1junkyard surprise potentially 2 with savescum ,and adrenaline shot 2 could shoot your STR to 8 temporarily. If you have Haste which I assumed every single drugged caveman in has ityou'll have enough AP to deal with them crabs.

If you don't want to savescum and your adrenaline ran out, 5 STR is still having decent chance to hit.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Underrail Store Page. Global Achievements.

underrail psi monk build 2019

Legion66 View Profile View Posts. I maxed out temporal manipulation for the precognition abilty so I can dodge and evade most attacks hopefully I will be playing on normal. Any feedback would be aprreciated. Last edited by Legion66 ; 29 Nov, pm. Showing 1 - 15 of 20 comments. Qiox View Profile View Posts. Do you plan on punching bare handed or with glove weapons? The high Dex seems to indicate lowering glove attacks to the minimum 4 AP.

But you took the Improved Unarmed and Expert Unarmed feats that only work when punching bare handed. And the highest lockpick check in the game is Well the lockpicking is indeed a bit too high but I leveled it mostly for the early game. I was also planning to use bare fists, but am on the fence with that one. But with 17 dex and food I can get my punches to be costing only 2 ap, which means a lot of attacks.

Also is it possible to miss the huxkey of is it a guaranteed drop? You cannot go lower anymore. Huxkey is the end reward for a fairly long and involved quest line that starts with Abram in Junkyard. If not familiar best to follow the wiki instructions. Originally posted by Qiox :. Originally posted by Legion66 :. My rule of thumb for Psi build is always put your INT to 6 for Premeditation, unless you won't cast any spell other than psi haste or very starving on feat slot.

Originally posted by cypherusuh :. I would prioritize Premeditation over anything at lv 6 due to how powerful it is. And since your have high psychokinesis, the value becomes higher imo.

Last edited by cypherusuh ; 29 Nov, pm. BTW be careful with ancient rathound, because it's very few and non-respawnable. Thanks for the tip about ancient rathound leather, The only other thing I'm thinking off is to lower my temporal manipulation to 55 for the haste, and put those points in hacking. I'm not sure how much precognition will help. It's a shame about hacking, but there's no way I can put it in without sacrificing a crafting skill or temporal manipulation. Last edited by Legion66 ; 30 Nov, am.

Precognition is decent for its usage.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page.

Underrail Store Page. Global Achievements. Playing this for the first time and some kind of psi build seems like it would be most fun, especially psi monk. However, all of the builds seem out of date. If anyone could give current advice, I would appreciate it.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. There's at least 4 psi monk thread over the last month in underrail forum. And there's no changes whatsoever for psi, other than Temporal Manipulation school. And it's still the most broken build in the game. Originally posted by cypherusuh :. What am I missing here? Is there supposed to be an image that got taken down or something? Not sure what you mean?

That ought to be a thread with some good advice, both general and specific, about making decent psi builds. I seem to recall there is a sentence that appears like it's intended to have a link to an example on the build calculator or something, but even without it there is plenty there worth reading.

Legion66 View Profile View Posts. But wouldn't recommend it for a new player, as I was struggling at some parts a lot. Going for a full psy build is much easier and allows you to do most things.

Last edited by Legion66 ; 25 Dec, pm. You only need 14 Dex for psi monk btw. Originally posted by happybjorn :.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Underrail Store Page. Global Achievements. Qiox View Profile View Posts. The goal is lots of attacks per turn and crazy movement points.

It is actually working very well. Only level 13 so far, but can already buff up to 27 attacks per turn! Currently the highest Movement Points I've reached during an actual fight was So, to double would require 24 melee hits. Therefore, theoretically possible, giving a max Movement Points of In practice, not likely to see over since moving around in a fight would cost points, and would need lots of beefy things to punch close together.

Although could keep force emission off and do little damage on purpose. We'll see how high I actually get. I have been smashing my way through Lunatics and Ironhead 4 to 5 levels earlier than I normally do on other builds. Playing on Hard because I also am going full investment in Dodge and Evasion, which are useless on Dominating. Last edited by Qiox ; 17 Sep, pm. Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. I just realized that I missed something.

That puts max AP atgiving 30 attacks per turn. Currently level 17 and almost every turn my Movement Points end up around to It is crazy good how much that lets me move in and back out leaving the enemies with no opportunities to attack me. Just finished clearing out the Grey Army Base with ease.

Did you already duke it out with the last enemy of the arena? I'd love to hear how it went. Syzygy View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by A :.Attached: ded. I just started, barely working on outposts. I may try to go explore elsewhere to find some oddities. Any suggestions on a direction to go? Can I handle psi beetles at level 1 as a psi build if I head toward Mushroom Cove?

I can handle combat pretty well now, but I am poor as shit, and I have to travel through crawler caves to reach hephasestus. Pick the second and never look back. Don't let the crying and sobbing guilt trip you into accepting. Attached: psyker swordfighter. Psi beetles can be dealt with at any level technically. The problem is they will fuck you up as a group, even higher lvls. If you can single out one, and fight him up close, they can't cast and their melee hits suck.

I found a goliath spawn and I want it to drop a shell.

underrail psi monk build 2019

How is the drop determined? Can I reload the save from before I entered the room? Is he gonna be fixed next time shops refresh or is he bugged or something?

Still trying to figure out how to get into the fuckin' Viridescent Valley. Do I need the submarine? She not important to completing the expedition, she can die. Although very powerful for when the invasions happen. I don't know what I'm doing, so pls no bully. What should I change?

Attached: trashbuild. I got all the defenses when the FUCK is a raid going to happen I want to see my bubba nigger statue in action. Anyone know what to feed Yngwar so he'll talk to you again?

Also slightly unrelated, anyone know how to talk about philosophy with the Ferryman? They seem great, even if just a dip. You can find a double-barrel shotgun in the expansion that instakills damn near everything but takes ages to reload so it's a nice secondary.

I'm thinking of having two spears, one energy edged and the other with an electric emmiter. They'd be for throwing and sweeping respectively. I'm starting to think that all melee builds are better off going the mobile route rather than heavy armor route.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Underrail Store Page. Global Achievements. I've been looking around for psi monk and general unarmed builds recently and I've noticed that all the ones coming up haven't been updated in over 3 years.

Does anyone have any builds like that that are currently viable or has the game nerfed that type of build into nonexistence. Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. Originally posted by Michelin Man :. Originally posted by AudioMedic :. Qiox View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Qiox :. I'm guessing the feat Fatal Throw must have been changed at some point making the guide out of date on that point. It only works once per turn, not after every kill as the guide says.

Oh and the big difference with that build and what I am doing is I will be going to 75 Temporal Psi because there's plenty of good buffs available. Limited Temporal Increment and the Haste buff are both very good. Last edited by Qiox ; 15 Sep, pm. I walked up until the fight triggered, I won initiative. Threw an Incendiary grenade into the group of 4 by the camp fire, then threw a flashbang to incapacitate them. I used all my move points to move away from them so that the dogs would not reach me.

The other 2 were still out of sight. They dogs ran towards me, the 2 who were out of sight ran forward and were now close to the 4 who were incapacitated. My turn, I cast electrokinesis on the closest Psi Lunatic to stun him, then punched all 3 dogs to death 2 hits to kill each then used all my move points to move away.

They all used all their move and action points to charge towards me finishing bunched up nicely. I threw a Mark 2 Frag Grenade into them, killing 2 then used an Adrenaline Shot, and cast electrokinesis to stun the closest one, and kill one next to him.

I moved back and then cast a Force Field so that I was in the center back row position of the 3x3 grid, so that any attack from forward, or the sides would not have line of sight, but I was not trapped inside it. On their turn the 3 remaining just ran towards me, barely reaching the front edge of the force field. They all had less than half health. With the Adrenaline buff still up, I easily punched them all to death. Not only did I not take any damage, none of them even attempted to attack me with a weapon or Psi ability.

My advice to you, and to most people, is two fold: - Just because you are build "whatever" does not mean that should be the only thing you use. And I punch them repeatedly. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 15 Sep, pm.

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