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Creates and maintains a consistent layout of controls for editing a specific data source's fields. See Data Layout Control. The DataLayoutControl extends the LayoutControlproviding an easy way to create a layout for editing a specific data source's fields. To learn more, see Data Layout Control. Assume that a DataLayoutControl is bound to a data source containing a Description field. The RetrieveFields method retrieves information on available fields in the data source, and automatically creates layout items with controls for these fields.

By default, for a field of the string type, a layout item with a TextEdit control inside it is created. The example shows how to locate a layout item with a control bound to the Description field, and replace its TextEdit control with a MemoEdit control. To change a layout item's control, the new control must be assigned to the LayoutControlItem. Control property within the LayoutControl.

BeginUpdate and LayoutControl. EndUpdate method pair. General Information WinForms Controls. XtraWizard ASP. View this topic on docs. The following example shows how to change a layout item's control in code. Copyright c Developer Express Inc. All rights reserved. General Information. WinForms Controls. NET Core Support. What's Installed. Build an Application.

Realizando un login con DevExpress + MYSQL

Controls and Libraries. Common Features. Get More Help. DataLayoutControl Class. DataLayoutControl Members. DataLayoutControl Constructor. DataLayoutControl Properties.

DataLayoutControl Events. DataLayoutControl Methods. FieldRetrievedEventArgs Class. FieldRetrievingEventArgs Class. RetrieveFieldsParameters Class. NET Bootstrap Controls. WPF Controls. Xamarin Controls.Submit your support inquiries via the DevExpress Support Center for assistance. Developer Express Inc is proud to announce the immediate availability of its newest release, DevExpress v Built and optimized for desktop, web, and mobile developers alike With 40 categories and over products to choose from, DevExpress is honored to have been voted best in class 18 times in this year's Visual Studio Magazine Reader's Choice Awards We are working hard to get our next major release out the door in the next 45 days.

We expect to share more information on the release and what we expect to include shortly. The following is a list of interesting support tickets we answered between November and March We hope the solutions described herein will be of value for your current or future client-side development project — be they based on Angular, React, Vue, or jQuery. We are two months away from our next major update v The purpose of this post is to preview upcoming features and give you the opportunity to test new functionality before we wrap up our current dev cycle.

To help celebrate Blazor official launch at dotnetconf, we're offering our this release to our customers free-of-charge! RushNav is a powerful new free navigation tool for VS Code, helping you jump to TypeScript type declarations and references with ease. NET Core 3. NET Conf conference this week. Without further ado, let me explain where we are, and what we're doing with.

The CodeRush extension for Visual Studio helps you write code more quickly, reducing physical and mental effort. These new windows allow you to locate an element and its properties within XAML more quickly. Blazor development at Microsoft has been very active the past few months.

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of DevExpress Universal v NET and Visual Studio developers. With numerous new products and dozens of high-impact features, v From the desktop, the web or your mobile world, DevExpress Universal allows you to deliver intuitive solutions that fully address a broad range of usage scenarios.

Designed for small and large developer teams alike, Logify tracks runtime execution errors, helps you recognize weakness within your app, and allows you to eliminate errors associated with traditional bug reporting processes. Get started today, and see why real-time app monitoring is the easiest way to ship bullet-proof apps across the desktop, web and your mobile world.

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Deliver high-performance decision support systems and analytics dashboards across platforms and devices with our fully integrated suite of UI controls, reporting tools and dashboards. I have used DevExpress WPF in the past, and always been impressed with their support and the richness of their offer.Logify is a cloud-based service that automatically collects app crash and runtime exception data and generates comprehensive reports so you can deliver rock-solid solutions that meet and exceed user expectations.

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www devexpress com login

Clear and Concise Exception Reporting. Logify presents all relevant information in a human-friendly, clutter-free manner. From loaded modules and cookies to browser info, OS build, user activity — Logify will organize results so you can address issues in the shortest possible time. Bend It to Your Will. Logify was designed to make your life easier. Its built-in search panel allows you to locate anything, anywhere. It allows you to sort against various criteria including report status and to highlight report states so you can process crash event information more efficiently.

And yes, all reports have embedded counters that display how many users have faced this very issue. This means you won't get same reports over and over again.

Configure Clients without Redeploy. Logify allows you to configure clients remotely. You can change clients settings on the fly and never need to hassle your users with reinstallation when a new version of your application hits the street. Focus on What Matters. Logify gives you the ability to manually ignore an irrelevant report or automatically blacklist reports you do not wish to receive.

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Start Your Day Trial Today.The Log file records all system and end-user operations during the runtime of an application. Examples of system operations are: loading the model, generating the default model for actions and property editors, and loading model differences.

The most common end-user operation is executing an action - pressing a toolbar button, etc.

www devexpress com login

If any operation leads to an error or an exception, the corresponding information is also written to a log file. So, if a problem occurs, the log file makes it easy to track the cause. If you cannot resolve an issue yourself, you can send a log file to our Support Centerto get assistance from Developer Express support engineers. Log files are not re-written each time you run an application.

The new content is added below the previously logged information. Therefore, you can analyze multiple application runs, if needed. XAF tracing mechanism relies on the standard.

Tracing class. The latter is technically a wrapper above the standard trace listeners. NET and Mobile applications based on the same logic.

www devexpress com login

Each application has its own log file. The log file location is specified in the application configuration file, by the TraceLogLocation attribute. The following snippet illustrates this. By default, the log file is called eXpressAppFramework. To specify another Windows Forms application log file, open the Program. The following code snippet illustrates this. To specify another ASP.

NET application log file, open the Global. NET application project. To specify another Mobile application log file, open the Global. You can also specify the log file relative path or absolute path in a similar manner. For instance, you can set the Tracing. Ensure that the specified location is accessible. Otherwise, the log file will not be created. If an attempt is made to write to a log file that is in use, the file name is automatically prefixed by a GUID Globally Unique Identifier.

For instance, it is possible when several XAF applications are running simultaneously.

Lesson 5 - Login Form

To avoid prefixes, specify a custom log file name for each application. You can control the detail level of information written into an application log file.

NET Web and Mobile application. This tag has two entries - one for the eXpressApp Framework itself, and another that controls how eXpress Persistent Objects logs its operations. For both these entries, you can specify five different detail levels:. You can specify five different detail levels:. In addition to information written to log files by the system, you can also manually write diagnostics information to log files.

To accomplish this, use static methods available via the static DevExpress.From this document, you will learn how to add a login form to the application. Implementing this task is discussed in this separate lesson due to its detailed description, although basically this is a part of the additional application functionality, described in the very last lesson of this tutorial series.

The way your user database is implemented may vary. For the sample application you can define the following simple class:. Do not forget to set the DataSourceUpdateMode for your data bindings to OnPropertyChangedor pressing the 'Enter' key will pass an empty password, since the editor is still focused.

To improve the login form's usability, change the type of the editor that displays user name to LookUpEdit using the editor's smart-tag see Lesson 2 - Creating Views tutorial for details.

For the ViewModel related to this login View, you can use the Scaffolding Wizard to generate it or implement it manually.

www devexpress com login

The following code illustrates the simplest LoginViewModel implementation. In this ViewModel, two properties are defined: the CurrentUser property that stores the currently logged user and the boolean IsCurrentUserCredentialsValid property that specifies whether the entered credentials have passed verification. You will also need to add some code to the main form's ViewModel. Since the main form uses the auto-generated MyDbContextViewModel class, it's not recommended to add your custom code directly into it - the model can be re-generated if you ever need to call the Scaffolding Wizard again.

Instead, create a partial class that resides within a separate file. Note that you will have to move the class constructor from its original file to this partial class. When your ViewModel is ready, rebuild your project and add the MvvmContext component onto your login form.

This code uses the OnLoaded method overload to display a dialog using the registered DialogService. To do so, the Login method calls the service's ShowDialog extension method. This method takes a child ViewModel as a parameter - pass a new instance of the LoginViewModel class to it. It is important to create this instance, not by using the new keyword, but by calling the ViewModelSource.

See the Control-based Services topic to learn why. When an end-user clicks any login dialog's button, this message result is passed to the OnLogin method, which checks exactly which button was clicked. If an end-user has clicked 'Cancel' or closed the dialog, the application will be closed. If the 'OK' button has been clicked, the application will check the IsCurrentUserCredentialsValid property, which automatically refreshes its value when the Update method is called.

If the entered credentials are valid, the main form will be shown. Otherwise, the login form will be re-displayed. This is done by assigning different values to the State property. The MainView has a trigger that monitors changes in the State property value and reacts accordingly when it happens. The previous steps are sufficient to implement a login form with minimum functionality. However, if your main view has the closing confirmation behavior assigned, you may face certain issues.

For instance, if you close the login form, the main form which is transparent since the valid credentials were not entered will attempt to close itself as well. This will display the confirmation message and if you click the 'Cancel' button, the form will remain but you will not able to see it. To overcome such issues, remove the form closing behavior if any and add the following code.

This code checks the current State property value only showing the confirmation message if the authorization is passed. If an end-user has not yet logged in and decides to close the application, no confirmation will be shown. This is the reason why the State property is not boolean, but accepts values of the custom AppState enumerator. There can be three possible application states:.The login form displays the User Name editor when the AuthenticationStandard authentication is enabled.

How to: Build an Office-inspired UI using DevExpress Template Gallery

This topic explains how to customize the login form editors. For example, show the Company and Employee lookup editors instead of User Name. Mobile applications do not support Lookup Property Editors on the login form. However, you can use other suported Property Editors for example, string to implement custom logon parameters and authentication. To use custom logon parameters, implement a custom logon parameters class. This class's properties are displayed on the login form and are accessible using the SecuritySystem.

LogonParameters property. To specify how your application authenticates users, inherit the AuthenticationBase class and implement a custom authentication strategy class. The following sections describe how to implement this:. Alternatively, you can use the approach from the ICustomObjectSerialize topic - inherit the AuthenticationStandardLogonParameters class and implement additional properties.

Then, you can access the specified logon parameters using the LogonParameters property. The authentication process is still performed using the specified UserName and Password in this instance.

To include the added properties to the authentication process, inherit the AuthenticationStandard class and override the Authenticate method.

You should also specify your custom logon parameters class in the Application Designer using the AuthenticationStandard. LogonParametersType property. Add the Company property, and make it a part of the "Company-Employees" association. The Company class should have the second part of the "Company-Employees" association. To prevent the creation of new objects in these views, set the IModelView. AllowNew property to false for both Views.

The following snippet illustrates the CustomLogonParameters class implementation:. The EmployeeCompany and Password properties are visible and can be edited in the login form. To show only employees that are related to the selected company, filter the drop-down's collection, and refresh it each time the Company property changes. However, reference properties cannot be serialized. That is why the hidden UserName property of the string type is required.

To access the custom logon parameters object in your code, cast the static SecuritySystem. LoggedOn event and use the LogonEventArgs.

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LogonParameters parameter value. Add the Company and Employee types to the SecurityStrategy. NET applications. In the WinForms application project, open the WinApplication. In the ASP.This section will guide you through concepts and techniques used to develop WinForms applications with DevExpress controls. Choose Application UI. Each UI type includes a list of required controls. If you are new to DevExpress controls, this section will provide a tour of the most frequently used components, and their primary features.

It also includes lessons that guide you through basic control setup and customization. Printing and Exporting. Application Skins. A skin is a set of bitmaps that determine how control elements should be painted in all possible states normal, hot-tracked, selected, pressed, etc.

This section explains which DevExpress skins are included in the WinForms installation, how to apply these DevExpress or custom skins, how to give end-users the option to choose a desired skin for themselves, and much more. Localization is the process of translating a product into a different language. This section describes two different approaches to creating multi-language applications: via Satellite Resource Assemblies and via Localizer Objects.

Right-to-Left Layout. Certain languages, such as Hebrew or Arabic, use the right-to-left writing system. Topics in this section explain how to enable the right-to-left RTL application layout to support these languages. Redistribution and Deployment. This section covers the redistribution policy of DevExpress and contains a list of redistributable assemblies. This business application framework allows you to generate a desktop UI based on DevExpress WinForms libraries and controls.

This topic shows where you can place the application initialization code when developing projects in C and Visual Basic.

General Information WinForms Controls. View this topic on docs. Printing and Exporting This section explains how to print and export DevExpress control content. Application Skins A skin is a set of bitmaps that determine how control elements should be painted in all possible states normal, hot-tracked, selected, pressed, etc. Localization Localization is the process of translating a product into a different language. Right-to-Left Layout Certain languages, such as Hebrew or Arabic, use the right-to-left writing system.

Redistribution and Deployment This section covers the redistribution policy of DevExpress and contains a list of redistributable assemblies. Copyright c Developer Express Inc. All rights reserved.

General Information. WinForms Controls. NET Core Support. What's Installed. Build an Application. Controls and Libraries. Common Features. Get More Help.

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